Poppy Girl


Poppy Girl, the Olympic-caliber athlete with red hair, is one of 16 members of the highly acclaimed Ishababies® family of soft-sculptured friends with ‘flavors’ for everyone. While some see Poppy Girl as an American doll, Latina doll or European doll, she could just as easily have Asian, Mixed Race, African-american or other heritages. Ishababies® ‘flavors’ embrace all heritages in all their variations without limitation — “Be Yourself…No Categories…Just Flavors”

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Ishababies Poppy Girl

Poppy Girl is completely spunky, easy-going, up-beat and fun to be around. She loves people and loves finding out what makes people tick. She is genuinely focused on everyone getting along and working together. It is because of this that Poppy’s emphasis is on group sports. She thrives on working together with the team and uses her own sense of purpose to unite the babies single-handedly.

Poppy is a star athlete, first and foremost. She enjoys working out, running, and playing all sorts of games. Poppy excels in everything that she does easily. Even though she excels in sports, she realizes  that she has a gift and doesn’t take her talent for granted. Poppy loves competition, but, she loves working with others even more. Poppy is a loyal friend and makes friends easily. She is a dedicated classmate, sister, and citizen to the world- she takes this job very seriously.

Poppy’s dream is to be in the Olympics, though she would love to do triathalons for fun and loves being tested and pushed to her limits. After the Olympics, Poppy pans on being a professional athlete, but, her problem is that she is so good at everything, she can’t choose what that sport should be.

Poppy smiles a lot and she radiates light- plain and simple.



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Poppy Girl ships clothed in Suntop similar to style shown. Colors may vary.

 Ishababies SignatureAll genuine Ishababies have artist’s signature and trademarked diaper.

Poppy Girl is one of 16 members of the highly acclaimed Ishababies® family of soft-sculptured plush 10” Friends. Each Friend is made with a 100% super soft cotton exterior, all new interior and detailed with elegant simplicity. Ishababies® are child-safe, lead free and have no buttons or hard surfaces. They are great fun for kids of all ages! Ishababies® are distinguished by their 8 ‘flavors’ with a girl and boy in each one. We invite you to see them all and join the fast growing Ishababies Fan Club on Facebook!


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