Ishababies Mocha Girl


Mocha Girl,the operatic diva, is one of 16 members of the highly acclaimed Ishababies® family of soft-sculptured multicultural friends with ‘flavors’ for everyone. While some see Mocha Girl as a Black Doll, African-american doll, Hispanic doll or African doll, she could just as easily have European, Mixed Race, Asian or other heritages. Ishababies® ‘flavors’ embrace all heritages in all their variations without limitation — “Be Yourself…No Categories…Just Flavors”

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Ishababies Mocha Girl Black Doll

Ishababies Mocha Girl


Mocha Girl is a diva… and she really is just that. Since birth, Mocha has been hitting high notes. And since her first cry, her parents have been in awe of her vocal range.

This has not stopped Mocha from being a diva in other ways…she is mischievous and dramatic in almost everything that she does. Mocha constantly sparkles and glows with her high fashion sense and she is almost always bejeweled with diamond earrings or necklaces of some sort. This little girl loves the spotlight and craves being the center of attention.

Mocha Girl can be very judgmental, especially when it comes to meeting new people. However, this is a defense mechanism for her deeper insecurities. She is also fiercely loyal to her friends and her family – never forsaking them for anything. Her favorite line is “I got to be me, La, la ,la, laaaaa!”Mocha’s expressions are apparent through the character of her puffs. When she is down, her puffs droop to the side. When she is scared, her puffs stick straight up… the movement of her puffs is her signature.

Mocha Girl looks up to her older brother, Mocha Boy. She loves and respects him greatly and genuinely enjoys asking him questions about life and philosophy. She likes to share her darkest secrets with him and knows that he will always give her an honest and sensible answer no matter what. If Mocha Girl feels as though she needs to scheme something, Mocha Boy never lets anyone know what she is planning, protects her and generally is able to have her see the brighter and more morally centered sides of people and situations. Her big brother is her sounding board, her counselor, and confidant. Though Mocha feels she is her brother’s keeper when it comes to his own naivety, it truly is the other way around. Mocha Boy is able to help his little sister get her way without causing (too much) chaos in the world and he is able to soften her blows in a way that no one else can. Mocha girl also looks to her brother to “translate” her true wants and desires to their parents since Mr. and Mrs. Mocha are young professionals with a truly analytical point of view on the world.

Seeing herself as an artist at heart and a star can be tiring to her. Mocha Boy is able to see her true intentions and relay them to the larger world.Often when others see the worst in Mocha Girl, Mocha Boy is able to let them know that his sister truly does things for the best, even though it is not always seen that way.



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Mocha Girl ships clothed in Suntop similar to style shown. Colors may vary.

Ishababies SignatureAll genuine Ishababies® have artist’s signature and trademarked diaper.

Mocha Girl is one of 16 members of the highly acclaimed Ishababies® family of soft-sculptured multicultural plush 10” Friends. Each Friend is made with a 100% super soft cotton exterior, all new interior and detailed with elegant simplicity. Ishababies® are child-safe, lead free and have no buttons or hard surfaces. They are great fun for kids of all ages! Ishababies® are distinguished by their 8 ‘flavors’ with a girl and boy in each one. We invite you to see them all and join the fast growing Ishababies Fan Club on Facebook!



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