Marigold Girl


Marigold Girl, the gourmet chef, is one of 16 members of the highly acclaimed Ishababies® family of soft-sculptured friends with ‘flavors’ for everyone. While some see Marigold Girl as an Asian doll, Mixed-Race doll, African-american doll or hispanic doll, she could just as easily have European, African or other heritages. Ishababies® ‘flavors’ embrace all heritages in all their variations without limitation — “Be Yourself…No Categories…Just Flavors”

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Ishababies Marigold Girl

Marigold Girl is a beautiful spirit. She is greatly influenced by fluid movement and dance. Every move that Marigold makes is deliberate in its action. She loves incorporating the world into a dance and sees life through the joy of physical expression. Dancing is central to Marigold’s life. She is a girl of few words and likes to stay with her brother. They seem to communicate without words. The two creatively intuit one another and work as a very productive team.

As a girl who dreams of starting her own dance troupe, Marigold is always looking for people who are inspired by music and moved by rhythm to join her future dance troop. Marigold Girl inspires individuality in the other babies by teaching them to move to the beat of their own drum. Marigold Girl is pleasant and serene looking. She likes to smile and wear leotards and flowing fabrics. She always seems to be in motion.



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Marigold Girl ships clothed in Suntop similar to style shown. Colors may vary.

Ishababies SignatureAll genuine Ishababies have artist’s signature and trademarked diaper.

Marigold Girl  is one of 16 members of the highly acclaimed Ishababies® family of soft-sculptured plush 10” Friends. Each multicultural doll is made with a 100% super soft cotton exterior, all new interior and detailed with elegant simplicity. Ishababies® are child-safe, lead free and have no buttons or hard surfaces. They are great fun for kids of all ages! Ishababies® are distinguished by their 8 ‘flavors’ with a girl and boy in each one. We invite you to see them all and join the fast growing Ishababies Fan Club on Facebook!


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