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Caramel Boy, the designer , is one of 16 members of the highly acclaimed Ishababies® family of soft-sculptured friends with ‘flavors’ for everyone. While some see Caramel Boy as a Latino doll, Black doll , Hispanic doll or European doll, he could just as easily have Mixed Race, Asian-American or African other heritages. Ishababies® ‘flavors’ embrace all heritages in all their variations without limitation — “Be Yourself…No Categories…Just Flavors”

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400009 Caramel Boy

A knack for color and style has always shaped Caramel Boy’s life. Since he was even younger, this little boy has been picking out his own jumper and shirts sans pants. Caramel has an uncanny “sixth sense” of what colors match and he is meticulous in his detail. Caramel Boy sees the world as his slate and uses his talents to make it a more colorful and beautiful place. In this same way, Caramel is able to make people happier just by modifying a hem or adding a flash of color to a dull background. Caramel is also the resident fashion designer/tailor at the Institute and likes to design costumes, uniforms, and give fashion advice whenever it’s needed.

Caramel’s main goal is to be one of the top designers in the world and to have his own fashion design company. He is a great friend and dedicated brother who sees his role as being part therapist in tending to other people’s needs and insecurities. He makes everyone feel as though they can do anything as long as they feel good about how they look. At the same time, Caramel goes one step further by helping people realize how beautiful they are inside to match how they look on the outside. Caramel is always looking sharp with a pristine diaper and really doesn’t like to get dirty — he looks seamlessly put together. He is warm, friendly, and always wears a smile.



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 Caramel Boy ships clothed in Jersey similar to style shown. Colors may vary.

Ishababies SignatureAll genuine Ishababies have artist’s signature and trademarked diaper.

Caramel Boy is one of 16 members of the highly acclaimed Ishababies® family of soft-sculptured plush 10” Friends. Each Friend is made with a 100% super soft cotton exterior, all new interior and detailed with elegant simplicity. Ishababies® are child-safe, lead free and have no buttons or hard surfaces. They are great fun for kids of all ages! Ishababies® are distinguished by their 8 ‘flavors’ with a girl and boy in each one. We invite you to see them all and join the fast growing Ishababies Fan Club on Facebook!

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