Multicultural Doll Accessories

Make playtime a fun and inspiring time with Ishababies! We are proud to present the first fully huggable line of dolls for kids and kids at heart. Made of a soft, washable cotton and quality embroidery, our dolls are designed to enlighten and inspire a new generation of acceptance, one play session at a time. Our plushies are available with multicultural doll accessories that let your child express him or herself. Shop with us for more on our collection of ethnic dolls.

Toppings That Reflect Every Personality

The opportunities are endless for every child. Let your dolls reflect your little one’s potential with our full line of multicultural doll accessories. These unique toppings give you a way to tell a new story with each play session.

Shop with us for multicultural doll accessories to add a new personality to your character. From high fashion apparel to sports jerseys and doll dresses, we have them.

Whether you dream of making your doll a doctor, lawyer, chef, athlete, or a different career there are endless choices and combinations to choose from with our toppings. Our ethnic doll accessories are deliciously expressive and can be mixed and matched with the day. So, whether you celebrate chefs and dog-walkers one day or soldiers and singers the next, our line of toppings will enable you to make your own sumptuous statement to the world!

Let Our Dolls Fit Your Child’s Playtime

You always remember your first doll! Show your kids the importance of acceptance with our soft and adorable multicultural dolls. These light-weight toys are small enough for a child’s grasp.

Find the perfect doll for your little ones when you shop for Ishababies. Our critically-acclaimed ethnic dolls have been a popular option for kids since we first created them in 2004. Developed by pediatrician Dr. Aisha Bailey, our dolls are made to be treasured for a lifetime. Each character has his or her own unique look, feel, and style. With flavors available for every child, it will be easy for your child to grasp, hug, and play with his or her new doll.

Contact us to shop for accessories for your Ishababies. We feature a number of options for purchase nationwide.

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